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Deck sealing is an important step to take to ensure that your deck is protected. Your deck is exposed to damaging elements, namely ultraviolet rays, rain, wind, dirt, hail, snow, and other weather conditions. Ceberiano's Painting has painted hundreds of homes and decks, and we have extensive experience in deck and porch painting as well as the preparation required prior to painting. Careful attention is always given to surface preparation as well as the protection of outdoor furniture, shrubs and walkways during all painting. If you would like to bring your deck back to life, you have come to the right place. Our deck staining professionals have over 15 years experience in both deck staining and deck painting. Simply contact us at (978)769-9232 for a free estimate.

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Deck Painting Process

The process begins with a real professional power washing, not just a rinse. This eliminates all mold and mildew, along with, dirt, chalky residue, and any loose paint.

Surface preparation is the most important aspect of achieving a long lasting paint results. All loose or peeling areas are scraped and sanded smooth. Holes are filled and all loose wood or trim is re- nailed. All repaired and sanded areas are then primed.

After thorough preparation, the painting or staining can begin. Here are the types of deck stains we work with: clear, semi-transparent, and solid stains. Clear stains as the name implies do not cover or color the wood and only coat the wood, bringing out the natural beauty of the grain. However, it offers the least protection from exposure to UV rays and should be avoided on decks that are exposed to direct sunlight most of the year. The type of stain you choose depends on the appearance and durability you want to achieve for your deck. Ceberiano's Painting only uses the highest quality paint and materials to insure long lasting superior results.

Once the paint has been chosen, the work is finished to our rigorous standards. Upon completion, debris is removed, all areas are thoroughly cleaned, and everything is put back in place. Additional clean-up will not be required. The only requirement will be to enjoy your newly painted deck.


Deck Painting
Deck Painting

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