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Ceberiano's Painting is a leading provider of commercial painting services. Our expert commercial painters have more than fifteen years of experience and can make your office building, apartment building, retail store, or restaurant look like new again, making your business inviting to new and returning customers. The painters will work around your busy schedule, and will make sure to minimize disturbance on your day-to-day business at a mimimum to none.

Ceberiano's Painting knows how to prepare and paint all types of building materials including wood, sheetrock, plaster, brick and metal. Additionally we have plenty of experience painting walls, ceilings, doors, windows, floors and more. Your business is in good hands with Ceberiano's experienced commercial painting professionals.

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Interior painting

Commercial Exterior Painting Process

Power washing begins only for exterior commercial painting, not just a rinse. This eliminates all mold and mildew, along with, dirt, chalky residue, and any loose paint.

Surface preparation is the most important aspect of achieving a long lasting paint results. All loose or peeling areas are scraped and sanded smooth. Holes are filled and all loose siding or trim is re- nailed. If you have single pane windows with missing or loose glazing, we can repair that as well. Gaps and cracks are your home's worst enemy. Not only do they reduce energy efficiency by creating drafts, but they allow pests and moisture easy access. A critical part of any exterior paint job, is caulking. We do extensive caulking. All repaired and sanded areas are then primed.

After thorough preparation, the painting can begin. In general, we always recommend at least two coats of paint for the exterior of a house. The only time we would ever recommend one coat is when the exterior is in outstanding shape, the paint color is remaining the same, and the existing paint has remained in good condition. Two coats will always provide better coverage, and maximum durability. We have the expertise to make the proper paint recommendations for your situation. Ceberiano's Painting only uses the highest quality paint and materials to insure long lasting superior results.

Once the paint has been chosen, the work is finished to our rigorous standards. Upon completion, debris is removed, all areas are thoroughly cleaned, and everything is put back in place. Additional clean-up will not be required. The only requirement will be to enjoy your newly painted home.

Commercial Interior Painting Process

Ceilings are generally painted first. Contrary to what some people may think, there is a difference between paint used on walls and paint used for ceilings. It’s usually a flat finish and slightly less durable than wall paint, since it’s not subjected to the same stresses and doesn’t generally need to be washed. The only exception may be a kitchen or bathroom ceiling. Given those points, it’s important to remember that while paint normally used for walls can be used on ceilings, paint that’s specially designed for ceilings should not be used on walls, as it won’t provide the needed durability. We only use quality premium ceiling paint to ensure a high-quality ceiling finish.

Woodwork and trim are finished next. Satin-gloss paint is most often used on doors, trim, and cabinets. It is easily cleaned, levels nicely, and has a durable subtle shine. Years ago the only way to achieve superior results was to use an oil based product. This is simply not the case anymore. Today's waterborne enamels have advanced to the point where it is possible to say that they will outperform the old alkyd/ oil base finishes. Waterborne paints have minimal odor, will not discolor over time, and dry quickly. Again preparation is the key. All woodwork is sanded smooth, caulked, and vacuumed free of dust. This is another area where experience and high quality paint makes all the difference. Our finished trim is incredibly smooth and extremely durable.

Walls are next. Flat, Matte and Eggshell are the most common finishes for walls. Choosing a long-lasting, high quality paint can make a big difference in how often you will need to repaint.


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